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Crown Jewel Papillons
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Member Papillon Club of America. Papillon Club of Tulsa


As a small family show kennel we do not have many litters, maybe one or two a year. When we do breed, our emphasis is on breeding for the best possible match to breed standard and to acheive the best possible lines. We breed for our next show dog not to sell or for profit. However, from time to time we may have puppies that we choose not to keep for various reasons. Those puppies will be available to quality pet, show, agility, or obedience homes.

When we do place puppies outside our home, we are adamant about matching the right puppy to the right home. All of our puppies are members of our family. Therefore, anyone purchasing a puppy from Crown Jewel becomes a member of our extended family. As such, we will remain interested in you and the puppy and request that we keep in touch over time as "families" normally do.

If you might be interested in one of our available puppies or adult dogs, please understand that we are very selective about the homes in which we place our dogs.  In order to help us know a bit more about you and the home envirnoment you offer, we request that you complete the questionnaire indicated by the "Questionnaire" button on the left of this page.  (NOTE - THAT PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION, SO PLEASE USE THE CONTACT US BUTTON IN THE MEANTIME.  WE WILL BE HAPPY TO SEND YOU A QUESTIONNAIRE TO COMPLETE)

Food for thought regarding Papillon (really any breed) puppies:

Puppies of all breeds can be found from any number of sources. One can go to newspaper ads, special dog sale websites, backyard breeders, pet stores, and even a busy corner or parking lot at times. You can even get a "registered" puppy from these sources. While the prices may be lower from such sources, you usually cannot be sure of the quality, pedigree health and soundness of the puppies. Many of these dogs are from what is termed "backyard breeders" (breeding to sell/earn income) or puppy mills. If you have ever seen or visited a puppy mill, believe me you would not want a puppy from one. You might feel so sorry for all the dogs there that you would like to rescue them all, but you're most probably in for more than you bargained for if you obtain one of their dogs.

On the other hand, if you want a quality puppy that has been carefully bred and cared for and comes with health guarantees, a contract protecting both the buyer and seller, and a breeder who remains interested through the lifetime of the dog, you will seek out a reputable, knowledgeable and recognized breeder of the breed you are desiring. Such breeders can generally be found listed on the website of the National Clubs for the breed. Yes, their prices will be higher, but, as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for".

A puppy is on-going source of love and devotion. A puppy is also an investment (not only the initial purchase cost but on-going costs such as veterinarian, food, training, etc.) and a long term commitment. It's extremely important that everything is in place to make that commitment work.

We encourage you to do your research on a breed carefully before making a decision on a puppy. Know what you are looking for and at. Reputable breeders will assist you with questions and help you understand the breed and its characteristics. They will not just sell you a puppy because you want a puppy. They'll want to know a lot about you, your home environment, etc. before they ever talk to you about one of their puppies. You may fee l like you've been "grilled" before you're even allowed to see a puppy - and you have. Following this process, the match will either be right or it won't. If it's not right, they'll suggest you look elsewhere because they want it to work for both you and the puppy you end up with.

We have no puppies availavle at this time