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Breed Info

Papillons, the "Butterfly Dogs" are popular worldwide.  They are related to several toy spaniels and are believed to have derived from the Continental Toy Spaniel.

The Papillon was one of several breeds originating during the height of royal reign in Europe.  It was a lap dog for the ladies of the court- bred as a companion dog but maintaining many traits of the spaniels.  European artists as far back as the 15th century included Papillons in their paintings of kings and queens.

The Papillon is a small, elegant but hardy dog with upright fringed ears and a "royal" attitude.  It takes its name from the French word for "butterfly" given its distinctive ears and head markings that make it resemble that beautiful fluttery creature.

The Phalene, a separate variety of the breed that has dropped ears, takes its name from the butterfly's cousin, the moth, which folds its wings when at rest.

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